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LITTLE GAINT gate valves are full – opening for fast and efficient Pipeline maintenance and cleaning operations. There are on corrosive or metal parts in contact with pipeline fluids in either the open or closed position. The fast – rising stem has a rubber coating which protects it in all positions. Valves are prelubricated and fitted with grease fitting at the factory and are constructed with an easily adjustable packing rubber.

Our gate valves are available with threaded connections or gasketed for use on iron pipe size lines or with asbestos – cement pipelines.

Air gas relief splash guard

Air gas relief splash guard - Little Giant Fittings Company, Inc.

LITTLE GAINT Air-gas relief splash guard is constructed of high-impact PVC with a bottom o-ring Seal. Side hose fitting attaches to customer supplied flexible hose and catch basin. Splash Guard fits over the 1’’ nipple on the top cap of the air-gas relief valve and is secured In place by tightening the 1’’ PVC cap.

Air gas relief valve

Air gas relief valve - Little Giant Fittings Company, Inc.

LITTLE GIANT Air-gas relief valve automatically prevents air from entering the line, allows Air or gas to escape as needed, and prevents fluid from escaping. Body and internal float are made of high-impact PVC.

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We specialize in underground pipeline repair fittings manufactred with filament wound fiberglass. Our products are inherently corrosion-resistant, non-conductive, lightweight, and extremely durable. All of our products are made with pride in the USA.