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LITTLE GIANT FITTINGS COMPANY manufactures a complete line of tank inlet & outlet fittings, floats, and lever works for oilfield and commercial applications. LITTLE GIANT can provide assistance in the design and sizing of the components to match the requirements of each installation.

Tank Outlet

Tank Outlet - Little Giant Fittings Company, Inc.

LITTLE GIANT Tank Outlet is designed to minimize or eliminate oil, solids, or other debris from exiting the tank. Used in conjunction with a float or pressure switch for fluid level control. Components available in both filament-wound fiberglass or PVC.

Inlet Spreader

Inlet spreader - Little Giant Fittings Company, Inc.

LITTLE GIANT Inlet Spreader is used to reverse the fluid flow & to dissipate the incoming fluids and gases. Which maximizes tank settling time. Spreaders are available in either filament Wound fiberglass or PVC.


Float - Little Giant Fittings Company, Inc.

LITTLE GIANT Float is constructed of filament-wound fiberglass for superior durability and service life. It's Support stand and float arm are made of epoxy-coated ½ ‘’ steel.

The angled valve handle extension with swivel permits full operating motion of butterfly valve.

Filament-wound fiberglass fittings

Filament-wound fiberglass fittings - Little Giant Fittings Company, Inc.

Filament-wound fiberglass fittings are made to iron pipe size of asbestos-cement dimensions. Valve spools, flanges, and most fittings can be custom-built to customer specifications on length, dimensions, bolt patterns, etc. Slip type fittings are available in both male and female connections.

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We specialize in underground pipeline repair fittings manufactred with filament wound fiberglass. Our products are inherently corrosion-resistant, non-conductive, lightweight, and extremely durable. All of our products are made with pride in the USA.