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Permajoin™ is a superior all purpose adhesive. Use Permajoin™ as a permanent joiner for metals, wood, most plastics, glass, china, and to effect patches in concrete, mortar, ceramics, etc. Permajoin™ is waterproof, impervious to ordinary solvents and chemicals and is peel and crack resistant.


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Permajoin™ is genuine epoxy glue with exceptional strength. In many instances it will actually replace conventional welds at a tremendous saving in time and money. Permajoin™ is so easy to use; keep it on hand for emergencies and regular maintenance needs.

Permajoin™ is available in two sizes of Permapatch kits. These kits include fiberglass cloth, brush, wooden spreader, and either ¼ pint or 1 pint each of Permajoin™ epoxy and hardener.

Permajoin™ is also available in bulk containers up to 1 gallon.

Miscellaneous Repairs

  • bullet image Miscellaneous Repairs
  • bullet image Centrifugal pump cases
  • bullet image Engine radiators in place
  • bullet image Gasoline tanks in place
  • bullet image Broken tools
  • bullet image Stock tanks
  • bullet image Cracked mortar or concrete
  • bullet image Tread lock or sealant
  • bullet image Equipment repairs
  • bullet image Camper & Topper repairs
  • bullet image Vehicle fiberglass panels
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We specialize in underground pipeline repair fittings manufactred with filament wound fiberglass. Our products are inherently corrosion-resistant, non-conductive, lightweight, and extremely durable. All of our products are made with pride in the USA.